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Sterling silver is the most common alloy mix found in jewelry. It must be at least 92.5% pure silver, but the other 7.5% can be any metal. Typically, this alloy is copper. Centuries of experimentation have shown copper to be silver’s best companion, without affecting its beautiful color. Often abbreviated as 925, sterling silver is a high-quality alloy that makes stunning jewelry that stands the test of time. Sterling has been a favorite for centuries in both jewelry and artwork.

A word of warning when shopping, watch for the word "plated." If an item is described as “silver-plated,” then it is not sterling silver. That means it is coated in silver for appearance, but the piece itself is often made of nickel, copper, or another metal. This silver coating will eventually wear off leaving only the base metal which is nowhere near as valuable as silver.

At Kittelberger Galleries, we pride ourselves on the quality of sterling silver items we sell.  From antique flatware and serving pieces to fine estate jewelry, to tea service and collectibles, we inventory only the finest examples of sterling silver. Our more than 40 years of buying and selling fine sterling silver goods in Rochester New York gives us a ton of experience you can rely on.

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